Merch Input | How to Make Money On Merch By Amazon (Advanced) | 2018

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Okay, so you are kind of used to Merch by Amazon model by now, but now you're looking for an edge an take your progress and sales to the next level. 

Merch Input (Advanced) to the rescue!

This video course will educate not only on the basics but also in-depth advanced info of the 2018 Merch By Amazon business model and put you on the right path to making a semi-passive live-able income

What you will learn

  • What is Merch By Amazon?
  • Proof of sales
  • Quick Start tutorial - How to create a merch listing for free
  • The criteria for sales
  • Multiple methods of research - Amazon/Pinterest/Google
  • How to find profitable niches using the Merch Informer software
  • How to keep your account safe from trademarks & infringement
  • How to navigate around the dashboard
  • How to make a design
  • New products on Amazon, what you need to do
  • How to create an optimized listing that is ready for sale
  • Pricing Strategies Explained (Important)
  • How to stay organized
  • Quantity VS quality
  • How the tier system works (Important)
  • Understanding the art of patience
  • Researched vs bulk scalable designs
  • Outsourcing resource
  • Don’t know how to make designs? I got you covered
  • Facebook support, tools, and resources
  • Free bonus guide on how to get to tier 500 in 2 weeks
  • Lifetime Discounts to my other products and services


  • How to make individual sales over and over
  • Free keyword tool that will improve sales
  • An SEO magic trick
  • More epic tools
  • How to find solid research using your phone
  • Thinking out of the box strategies to get heaps of sales

I am VERY confident that this information will pay for itself in no time. This information will REALLY make the cogs in your brain turn. 

This course will guide you on the advanced right path to making a living on this new amazing business model.

Go ahead and download this for the course right now before the price increases


"You gotta get this course !!!! Wow !! Exceptional and incredibly valuable - loved the research info and you should charge more !! Thanks Phillip ! Bravo young man" - Randi Ganeles 

"just finished the course, great content and loads of added value...research chapters blew me away. Keep up the great work!đź‘Ť" - Eduardo Camardelli

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Merch Input | How to Make Money On Merch By Amazon (Advanced) | 2018

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